Electro Cautery : Warts, Moles Removal

Electro Cautery : Warts, Moles Removal

Electra Cautery : Warts, Moles Removal

Moles, also called birthmarks or nevi, are the result of melanocytes (the skin’s melanin-producing cells) growing in clusters. There are many varieties of moles, and most are completely benign, but they can in rare cases become cancerous. People commonly remove moles for cosmetic reasons, because they interfere with tasks like shaving, or because their dermatologist is concerned about skin cancer risk. With our electrocautery services, Dr PV’s CLINIC is the premier place for warts, mole removal in Electro Cautery can effectively treat not only moles but also other common dermatological problems such as warts and skin tags.

What is Electrocautery?

Electrocautery is a fast, affordable, non-surgical method of warts & mole removal. It typically leaves no scar, requires no anesthesia or recovery time, and takes only a few minutes. It works by heating the targeted tissue with a handheld electronic device, destroying or cutting it away. Since the heat fuses the surrounding blood vessels closed, there is virtually never any bleeding with these procedures. Electrocautery can effectively treat frequent nosebleeds in addition to warts & moles and other dermatological conditions.

Is Electrocautery Right for Me?

Prior to any mole removal procedure, unusual moles should always be checked by a dermatologist. Cancerous or pre-cancerous moles may require more advanced care, and removing them prematurely can complicate treatment. However, this represents only a very small minority of moles, and would rarely interfere with cosmetic treatment.

Patients who are unhappy with their moles, warts, or skin tags are excellent candidates for electrocautery, but this should always ultimately be decided with the help of a licensed skin care professional, like those at Dr PV’s CLINIC.